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As our name Realtor in Amsterdam suggests, we work throughout Amsterdam, as well as beyond. Think of Amstelveen and Diemen.
The city of Amsterdam is changing. The metropolis is growing and its residents are also looking across the border. We are going with you!


Amsterdam-Zuid is the part of Amsterdam located south and southwest of the Singelgracht(Stadhouderskade). The northern boundary is formed by (the northern border of) Vondelpark and the western boundary by Westlandgracht. The eastern boundary is the Amstel River. The southern boundary is the Kalfjeslaan, which forms the border with the municipality of Amstelveen.

Ontdek Zuid


Through history, the layout of downtown has become the recognizable half circle. Nowadays it has been extended to the Funenpark towards East, thus immediately revealing the versatility of this piece of the city. From new construction to medieval, small apartments to stately canal houses, urban to park-like, you’ll find it all in Amsterdam Center. Amsterdam Center, of course, also has several neighborhoods. The medieval center is called the Binnenstad, beyond it you will find the Lastage, the canal belt, Kadijken, Weteringbuurt, the Jordaan, the Plantage, Kattenburg and the Funenpark, among others

Ontdek het centrum

Old West

The district of Amsterdam Oud West includes the urban area between Vondelpark, Singelgracht and Kostverlorenvaart, as well as the Spaarndammerbuurt; part of the so-called nineteenth-century belt, but mostly built in the first decades of the 20th century. The streets there are named after nineteenth-century literary figures, statesmen and place names around the Zaan region and North Sea Canal. With the demolition of some factory buildings, renovation, and new and rebuilt housing, large sections received a facelift in the years 1977-1987. There are currently 177 nationalities living in Old West, without it being a “black neighborhood.” Politics in the district is mostly concerned with innocuous plans such as cutting down trees and building separate bike lanes.

Ontdek Oud-West


Oost is the part of Amsterdam located east of the Singelgracht canal. The western boundary is the Amstel River; the southern boundary is the Ringvaart around Watergraafsmeer. Construction of the eastern city expansions began in the last quarter of the 19th century, with the construction of theOosterpark neighborhoods andthe Dapper neighborhood. Oud-Oost also consists of the neighborhood along the Weesperzijde. Recently, the Oostpoort neighborhood was added on the site of the former Oostergasfabriek.

Ontdek Oost

New West

New West is the part in western Amsterdam that was built after World War II. Since 1990, this area included the urban districts of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, Slotervaart and Osdorp and a piece of Bos and Lommer, the part west of the A10 Ring Road (the “Kolenkitbuurt“). The foundation for this was laid in the 1935 General Expansion Plan. The neighborhoods are built according to the open building style, with lots of greenery between the buildings. The Western Garden Cities were built in the 1950s and 1960s. In the middle of the area is Sloterplas, which was dug for sand extraction for the purpose of raising the surrounding garden cities. The Nieuwe Meer was also excavated to a depth of about 30 meters for this sand extraction. Sloterplas and the surrounding Sloterpark form the heart of the Western Garden Cities. The Western Garden Cities include: Slotermeer, Geuzenveld, Slotervaart, Overtoomse Veld and Osdorp. The 1990s saw several more new expansions in New West: the neighborhoods of Oostoever, Nieuw Sloten and De Aker. Even if you are looking for real estate agent Nieuw Sloten Amsterdam, or a real estate agent for any of these other neighborhoods, I am happy to assist your search.


Amsterdam West is a popular district of Amsterdam, located on the west side of the city. It is a diverse neighborhood with a mix of old and new buildings, and a fine mix of people. There are many nice neighborhoods to explore, such as De Baarsjes, Oud-West and Westerpark. These neighborhoods offer an array of eateries, stores, cafes and bars. There are also several parks such as Vondelpark and Westerpark where one can enjoy nature. Amsterdam West is also a popular place for young families and students because of its easy accessibility and many rental and for-sale properties.

Ontdek West


In swinging, multicultural Southeast, everything is big: here you will find the biggest artists performing, you will find the biggest cinema in Amsterdam and the biggest Surinamese festival Kwaku Summer Festival is celebrated in a big way. And here, of course, the Amsterdam Arena hosts the city’s great pride: soccer club Ajax, well, occasionally. Southeast is also undergoing a metamorphosis! Whole new neighborhoods were created and many complexes were renovated. If you haven’t been to Southeast for a while? Then you should definitely take a look here. Southeast has long since ceased to be the Bijlmer.

Ontdek Zuidoost


Where Amsterdam-North is today, peat used to be mined. After the area was annexed to Amsterdam in 1393, it functioned successively as a gallows field and toll station for shipping through the North Holland Canal. In the late nineteenth century, North was teeming with heavy industry. New working-class neighborhoods were built nearby for the workers. In recent years, heavy industry has largely disappeared from North, transforming the district into a creative hub with a plethora of new restaurants, bars, hotels and stores.

Ontdek Noord

The Pipe

Unsurprisingly, Amsterdam’s most hotspots are located in the Pijp, one of Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhoods. This melting pot of different cultures offers a rich variety of choice. This is the place where hipsters get relieved at the trendy boutiques, health freaks have a responsible lunch, and yuppies kick off the weekend with a well-deserved “Vrijmibo” at one of the many cafes.

In summer, it’s great to hang out at one of the chill terraces on Gerard Douplein or Marie Heineken Square. By the way, this is also one of the best places to simply enjoy people-watching. More in the mood to wander around, sip coffees and go boutique hunting? Great chance of success on Van Woustraat or Ferdinand Bol street. And last but not least; immerse yourself in typical Amsterdam folk culture at the Albert Cuyp market. Oh, and don’t forget to taste the poffertjes!


Amsterdam Geuzenveld is a neighborhood in the Amsterdam-West district, located in the west side of the city. The neighborhood is named after the Geuzen, a group of Protestant Dutch who fought against Spanish rule in the 16th century. The neighborhood is a quiet and cozy place, with lots of greenery and water. It is a popular place for families and the elderly because of its quiet surroundings and many amenities. There are several parks in Geuzenveld, including Sloterpark and Rembrandtpark, where one can enjoy nature. There are also several stores and supermarkets, and a number of good restaurants. Public transportation is good, with streetcar and bus connections to the center of Amsterdam and other parts of the city. Geuzenveld is a fun neighborhood to explore, with much to offer tourists and residents alike.


Diemen is a municipality which is located on the other side of the A10 East. A quiet village under the smoke of Amsterdam. Diemen is known for quiet living with a good streetcar connection to Amsterdam. From Diemen to the Watergraafsmeer is only a few minutes by bike.

There are many nice neighborhoods in Diemen to explore, such as Diemerpark, Diemer forest and the Diemer nature reserve. These neighborhoods offer an array of hiking and biking trails, where one can enjoy nature. There are also several parks for recreation such as Diemer Park and the Diemer Nature Reserve. Diemen is also a popular place for young families and students because of its easy accessibility and many rental and for-sale homes. Overall, Diemen is a fun and green hometown with much to offer tourists and residents alike.


Ontdek Diemen


Amstelveen is a town and municipality located in the province of North Holland, in the region of Amsterdam. Amstelveen is an affluent and green hometown, with plenty of water and nature. The place is best known for its beautiful parks, shopping, cultural amenities and proximity to Amsterdam. Amstelveen is also a popular place for families because of its good schools and wide range of rental and for-sale housing.

There are many nice neighborhoods in Amstelveen to explore, such as Bovenkerk, De Groenhof and the Stadshart. These neighborhoods offer an array of stores, restaurants, cafes and bars. There are also several parks for recreation such as the Amsterdam Forest, the Green Heart and the Amstel Park. Amstelveen is also a popular place for young families and students because of its easy accessibility and many rental and for-sale homes. Overall, Amstelveen is a fun and green hometown with much to offer tourists and residents alike.

Ontdek Amstelveen

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