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Hi, I am Micha van den Bergh, owner of Makelaar in Amsterdam. For 20 years now, I still enjoy the beautiful buildings and streets, the parks and the diversity that this city has to offer every day. Together with Hadewij, we ensure that you sell or rent your home in the best possible way. Or we can help you with the search for your new apartment!

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At Makelaar in Amsterdam you immediately know what the costs are. No unclear old-fashioned (high) brokerage fees, but always one fixed price for the sale, purchase or rental!

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No-Nonsense Real Estate Agent

"Friendly and professional no-nonsense sales agent, with an excellent price/quality ratio."

- Dhr. Marijen (Marcanrilaan 321)

Very Pleasant Real Estate Agent

"Real estate agent in Amsterdam is a very nice real estate agent to work with as a real estate agent. Distinctive in a personal approach and easily accessible for questions and/or information provision. What we like about this real estate agent in Amsterdam, especially due to our own negative experience as buyers on the market, is that this real estate agent really takes time for the purchasing party, such as planning a second viewing, a different time slot, etc. Thank you Micha & team!"

- Masoud (Nibbixwoudstraat 6)

Very Satisfied

"Very satisfied with MiA, good service and efficient and accessible communication and all for a very reasonable price."

- Rianne (Lange Distelstraat 12)

Keeps Promises

"MIA (Micha van den Berg) is not the usual 'scooter' broker (quick chat and high brokerage). He and his partner Hadewij keep promises and price agreements and, as stated on their website, they are almost continuously available to the customer. Even when he is abroad, he still takes the time to get in touch. Excellent service, good preparation, excellent photos and presentation on the internet. I recommend everyone to contact MIA in any case."

- Harry Scheurs (Dostojevskisingel 269)

Highly Recommended!

"Contact was very pleasant and accessible. The broker explained all the steps clearly and we discussed the approach to choose. He was also able to answer all my questions. Recommended!"

- Lieke (Von Zesenstraat 364

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Realtor Amsterdam: a unique concept

You’re looking for a real estate agent Amsterdam. This can be an Amsterdam real estate agent for buying, selling, renting or renting. You are a house seeker, you want to sell or rent your property for the best price, or you are looking for an investment property in Amsterdam. The latter is subject to considerable regulation, by the way. We will tell you more about this in the introductory interview. First of all, it is good to know that we have developed a unique concept. We call this combination between marketing, promotion and presentation the MiA method, which stands for Realtor in Amsterdam. With this method, we make the most of online opportunities. Learn more about our services or contact us directly.

Sales agent in Amsterdam

The two most common reasons for seeking a real estate agent in Amsterdam are for selling and buying a home. We get joy from connecting people. As a sales broker Amsterdam, knowing the city, its neighborhoods and districts is most important. Which neighborhoods are developing well, and what is this doing to housing values? The reason we focus 100% on Amsterdam is because we know this city like no other. We believe that to be the best real estate agent in Amsterdam, you need to know everything about this city. And with the speed at which Amsterdam is evolving, you have to keep up every day. We operate as real estate agents in:

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Purchasing agent Amsterdam

Looking for a good buying agent in Amsterdam? We like to prove ourselves. We offer our work as a real estate agent inAmsterdam on a no cure, no pay basis. As a result, you have no costs if we fail to find you a home. We are guaranteed to work day and night to make the most of opportunities in the Amsterdam housing market for you. We promise to work with you to do our utmost to secure a home in Amsterdam. We know it’s difficult, but because of our good connections, we are very confident that buying a home in Amsterdam can work for you too.


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