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Search like a PRO on funda

Housing search platform funda (yes, without a capital letter) is the best place to search for housing offers, followed by The disadvantage of Pararius is, not all real estate agents are connected yet, so you don’t get to see all the listings.
99% of all homes sold on the private market show up on funda. Because all brokers carefully complete all features, you have very many search options on funda.

I’ll explain below how to use funda like a real estate agent and get the most out of it, making the search a joy, rather than a frustration.

Filter by date
By default, funda is set when giving a search by relevance. In other words, you get to see the most relevant properties for funda. Better to set the search by date. That way you’ll be the first to see the latest offerings.

Check “available” only.
Nothing so frustrating when you see a nice house which is already sold (under reserve). With this tip above and this tip, you’ll be the first to see the latest offerings.

You can search on funda by the number of rooms, but also by the number of bedrooms. As a rule, a three-bedroom apartment has two bedrooms. But often an en-suite room is entered as an extra room by the realtor, making you think the house has three bedrooms. So good to enter the number of bedrooms

Suggest minimum price is. Under €100,000, you will only find garage boxes in Amsterdam. So set your budget a little higher and filter out the garage boxes and parking lots. Did you know that you can also enter a minimum and maximum amount yourself?

What filters:
There are an awful lot of filters on funda. I advise you not to use too many filters. Especially now that the supply is less, you have the chance of missing out on that nice home if you have too many filters on.

List view or map
You can also find your search results on the map. To do this, click on “map” which you will find next to “list.” Ideal to better visualize which neighborhood the property is located in.

At the bottom of the filter list is “search in description.” This allows you to search for specific words you are looking for. Consider ground floor bedroom, boat mooring, etc.

Save Search
Once you have all your filters set up, you can easily save them. That way you don’t have to reset everything every time

Push notifications
I am not a fan of the funda app on your phone. You see less information in the app than on the normal browser on your phone. An example of this is the valuable virtual 3d tour. The push notifications are handy, though. That way you’ll get a notification every time a property comes up for sale that you’re looking for. I prefer to use the mail function myself. This way I only search funda via my mobile browser and have the advantage of seeing all the information.

Also look above your maximum budget
In this market, homes are again being sold below asking price. In fact, some realtors put the home just a little too high on the market to create bargaining room. If you do not know what the “real” value is, please contact us.

BONUS Also try a the new search function
=> In the new function, your searches are completed automatically. Could be handy!
=> Further when searching on the map, you see search area clearly displayed.
=> At the top you can see the most commonly used filters
=> You can search for apartment and house simultaneously


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