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Sold with reservation when buying property

Buying a home can be a complicated puzzle, especially if you have to deal with the term "sold subject to reservation. This means that the sale is not yet completely certain because certain agreements have been made. In this article, we explain what this term means and how to deal with it when buying your new home. Read on for clear answers and a worry-free home purchase.


  • A conditional sale means that a preliminary sales contract has been signed, but the final sale has not yet been completed.
  • The preliminary sales contract contains resolutive conditions and a three-day cooling-off period for the buyer before the sale becomes formal.
  • Risks with sold under reservation include failure to secure financing and possible penalties for breach of contract.
  • Onesta Real Estate and Brokerage can help with favorable terms, guidance on the conditional sale of your own home, and minimizing risk.


What does “Sold with Reservation” mean?

For “Sold with Reservation,” a preliminary sales contract has been signed, but the final sale has not yet been completed. This means that there are established conditions that must be met.

Preliminary sales contract signed

After buyers and sellers agree on the selling price, they put the arrangements on paper in a “preliminary” contract of sale. This important document establishes the intent to buy and sell, but also gives both parties, especially the buyer, some leeway to abandon the deal under specific conditions.

The term “provisional” can be misleading; once signed, this contract is binding unless resolutive conditions are met.

The preliminary sales contract contains all the details of the sale, including seller’s warranties, the financing reservation and, for example, the date of delivery. This describes exactly the conditions under which the buyer and possibly seller can withdraw without penalty.

After the contract is signed, the buyer is given three more days for reflection. Within this period, the buyer may rescind the sale without giving reasons. After this period, both parties are formally bound by the agreements and work toward the final transfer at the notary.

Not yet final sale

In a conditional sale, “not yet final sale” means that the sale has not yet been finalized. The buyer and seller agreed on the sales price and signed a preliminary sales contract.

However, before the sale becomes final, some conditions must be met. This may include obtaining financing or selling one’s home.

Until these conditions are met, the sale is not yet final.

For both the buyer and seller, this carries a certain amount of risk. The buyer must make sure that he/she meets all the conditions to complete the sale, while the seller runs the risk that the sale will ultimately fall through.

Established conditions

After signing the preliminary contract of sale, the terms of the sale are established. These include things such as the completion date, resolutive conditions and any additional agreements.

It is essential that these terms be accurately recorded to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. Realtor in Amsterdam can help draw up the right conditions that protect your interests and promote a smooth sale.

What are the risks of sold with reservation?

– Risk of not securing financing by the deadline.

– Possibility that the sale of the owner-occupied home will not go through, which will also prevent the purchase of the new home.

– Penalty to be paid if the sale does not go through due to the buyer’s fault.

Financing Reservation

When buying a conditional home, the financing proviso is a crucial aspect. This means that the purchase is contingent on the buyer obtaining a mortgage.

If the buyer cannot arrange suitable financing, this could lead to rescission of the purchase agreement. The financing proviso offers protection to the buyer and ensures that the buyer is not stuck with the purchase if the financing does not come through.

At Realtor in Amsterdam, we understand how important this caveat is and help our clients effectively include it in the purchase agreement.

Conditional sale of owner-occupied property

If you want to buy a new home before your current home is sold, you can choose to sell your own home subject to a reservation. This means that the sale of your current home does not become final until you have found another home.

This can help mitigate financial risk and give you more security when buying a new home.

Selling your own home under a reservation offers flexibility in finding a new home, but it can also bring complications. It is important to work with an experienced broker to manage risk and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Realtor in Amsterdam can help you through every step of this process, from finding a buyer to securing your new dream home.

Penalty for failure to proceed

When the sale of the owner-occupied home is subject to a reservation, it is important to be aware of possible penalties if the transaction does not go through. This can occur when the buyer withdraws without a valid reason, which can result in a penalty for breach of contract.

It is essential to clearly define these terms in the preliminary contract of sale to avoid uncertainties and provide clarity on possible penalties.

How can Realtor in Amsterdan help with sold with reservation?

Realtor in Amsterdam can help you with sold subject to reservation by negotiating favorable terms, such as a flexible financing term and selling your own home subject to reservation.

Our professional approach ensures that your interests are protected throughout the process, while we strive for a smooth transaction completion.

In addition, we will accompany you every step of the way, from the viewing to the transfer, and will be there to answer any questions and resolve any potential obstacles. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your interests will be represented and that you will have the best chance of a successful conditional sale.

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