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You are looking for a buyer’s agent in Amsterdam, because ‘In Mokum, I am rich and happy at the same time’, at least, if we believe the lyrics from Johnny Jordaan’s perhaps most famous song about Amsterdam. And, we believe it 100%.

I am Micha van den Bergh and my goal is to make you happy in Amsterdam too! I have been living in this beautiful city for over 20 years and I would love to help you in your search for your ‘happiness’ in Amsterdam. With my passion, knowledge, and commitment, this is definitely going to be a success!


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The Importance of Engaging a Buyer’s Agent in Amsterdam

You can buy a property without a buyer’s agent, but especially in the current housing market, it’s wise to engage one. During viewings, you will almost always deal with a real estate agent. This agent always acts as the selling agent at that time. He or she is engaged by the sellers to sell the property as well as possible. As a result, they will do everything to negotiate the highest possible price with as few conditions for the seller as possible. The selling agent is obliged to tell you about the known defects of the property, but will always do so in the most positive and appealing way possible.

Best Buyer’s Agent in Amsterdam

When you have me as your buyer’s agent, you can trust in my expertise. I provide a clear and honest assessment of the property’s condition, focusing on both its structural and legal aspects. Buying a home also involves navigating through paperwork and legal jargon. If you’ve ever seen a purchase agreement, you’ll understand what I mean. Consider things like the duty to investigate and liability after purchasing a property. Before the purchase, you have many options, but afterward, you are legally bound. You might think that a selling agent wouldn’t be thrilled if you bring a buyer’s agent to a viewing, but the opposite is true. In fact, a major advantage is that the selling agent of the property often finds it very pleasant and even prefers it when the buyer has engaged a buyer’s agent. This provides a strong but professional counterpart in the negotiations.

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What Do I Do for You as a Buyer’s Agent?

As the best buyer’s agent in Amsterdam, finding a property for a client is different for every trajectory. This is also the reason why I’ve been doing this job with so much passion for years and find it more enjoyable every day. I would like to briefly and concisely explain what my duties as a buyer’s agent in Amsterdam entail. During a non-binding initial meeting over a cup of coffee or tea, I would be happy to tell you all about it.

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Services of a Buyer’s Agent in Amsterdam

My promise to you:

● I will assist you every day in your search for a new home. I will also look beyond funda for a suitable property.

● I will guide you during viewings.

● Once we find your ideal home, I will conduct thorough research: structural, legal, and concerning the Owners’ Association (VvE). This way, you will know exactly what you are buying.

● You can use my expertise to determine how we can best make an offer to ensure that you are the lucky buyer.

● I will negotiate firmly on your behalf without losing the goodwill factor.

● I am ready to answer all your questions or provide non-binding advice about properties, neighborhoods, property values, construction periods, etc. Engage me as an expert with experience in Amsterdam!

Why Choose Micha van den Bergh as Your Buyer’s Agent?

My passion is to help you. The line from Johnny Jordaan’s song was not chosen randomly. ‘I feel rich and happy at the same time’ is what I feel every day. I live in a lovely house in a nice neighborhood in Amsterdam. I would like to help you feel rich and happy too. I work for you in the way that you prefer. I am flexible, always available (even in the evenings and weekends, just try) and I think along with you. On average, my clients rate me with a solid 9! And of course, I am very proud of that!

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Fixed Price Buyer’s Agent?

As one of the few agents in Amsterdam, I have started working with fixed prices. I believe it’s part of being the best buyer’s agent in Amsterdam. No more complicated commission or vague costs when buying or selling your property. And yes, as a buyer’s agent, I also work with a fixed price. For a fixed amount of €2,500, including VAT, I will help you. You only pay me when you receive the keys. If we are not successful, you owe me nothing. That’s only fair. If you’re looking for a no cure, no pay buyer’s agent in Amsterdam, look no further, but get in touch!

Buying a Property in This Market

The housing market in Amsterdam has been overheated for years, and to be honest, it has always been a challenge for people to acquire a piece of real estate in the most sought-after neighborhoods in Amsterdam. My passion for real estate and love for the beautiful city of Amsterdam combine to keep me always well-informed about what’s happening in this market. Which Amsterdam neighborhoods are on the rise? Where are the opportunities for first-time homebuyers or for those looking to move up? Which area if you’re looking for a child-friendly neighborhood in Amsterdam? Challenge me with your housing desire!

Peace, Trust, and Knowledge

Do you want to buy a house, an apartment, or a studio in Amsterdam? But above all, you want a piece of certainty. What you buy should not bring any hassle of structural or legal problems. Although finding a property and getting a viewing in the Amsterdam housing market can feel like a challenge in itself, don’t let it overwhelm you. With peace, trust, and knowledge, I will accompany you and guide you in your search. I objectively assess the property and conduct negotiations with the selling agent without emotion. Understanding that sellers in this market often opt for a bid without a structural inspection, I accompany you during the viewing and immediately inspect the property on-site!

Do you already have a property in mind or are you looking in a specific neighborhood? Let me know.


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Wat klanten over ons vertellen

Expert and Helpful

"Expert and Helpful. They assisted us with both purchasing and selling, yielding good results. Definitely recommended!"

- Ottelien

Many thanks

"Makelaar in Amsterdam was zeer behulpzaam. Ze regelden snel de technische inspectie en het tekenen bij de notaris en alle communicatie was goed afgehandeld en professioneel. Het beste wat ze deden was mij correct adviseren hoeveel ik boven de vraagprijs moest bieden om het appartement te krijgen en deze schatting was correct en mijn bod werd geaccepteerd. Hartelijk dank!"

- Soham


"We hired Micha to help us with the negotiating and buying process. He was excellent during every step of the way and in the end we managed to get the apartment that we wanted, hassle-free and fast. As we were not experienced with the paperwork and legal aspects of buying a property and estimating market prices, Micha was there to help out on this point as well. He was really familiar with the whole process and always available to answer our questions or to provide guidance. Micha has my earnest recommendation!"

- Marie

Always Available

"The guidance provided by Micha was very good! We particularly appreciated his down-to-earth and flexible attitude, and he was always available for viewings and questions. During viewings, he points out useful details about the property and the neighborhood. Also, when making an offer, he provides good advice and took the effort to gather some additional information."

- Marijke

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