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Last minute checklist for viewings

Checklist: What can you do when there are viewings

Before your home is for sale, you’ve probably done a lot. For example, you painted some walls for a fresh look. For the photos, you cleaned everything up so you almost have a sterile house. However, you still just want to live! Realtor in Amsterdam helps you. Run through this checklist and your home will be in tip-top shape for the viewing.

The kitchen

The kitchen must be clean. Also make sure it is empty and tidy. Leave only essential appliances on the countertop, such as the coffee maker and toaster. In addition, the following things are important for a tidy kitchen:

  • The countertop must be completely empty
  • Get a cloth over the stove and put all pans in the cupboard
  • Take a moment to wipe over the outside of the kitchen cabinets, especially if you have a high-gloss finish.
  • Do the same with the outside of the refrigerator
  • Do the dishes! And clean up the clean dishes, too
  • Make sure the dishwasher is also empty
  • Do you have a fruit bowl in the kitchen? Fill those with fruit: for a fun look
  • Clear the kitchen table; a plant or flower is allowed

Living Room

  • Make sure you have a neat bench. Shake up the pillows.
  • Stack magazines and newspapers neatly, or remove them
  • Put all small items such as chargers and pens in the drawer.
  • Open all curtains. Viewers like daylight.


  • Brush the toilet again. Place an air freshener if necessary.


  • After the last shower, dry the tub, floor and shower completely with a towel (and don’t forget the faucets) Do you have scale? Try removing these with anti-scale
  • Pick up the towels from the floor, take the wet ones off the rack and put them in the laundry basket
  • Clean up toothbrushes, creams, deodorant, shower gels and shampoos. Put them in a bin/basket in the closet


  • Straighten all quilts
  • Throw extra pillows on the bed for a cozy look
  • Open the windows for a while, allowing the smell of sleep to quietly leave the premises
  • Check that there is nothing left under the bed, otherwise slide it further under the bed

Children’s Rooms

  • Sweep everything together and put it in a bin/crate/basket that you can easily put in the closet
  • Straighten the quilts and put some stuffed animals on them

The hallway and stairs

  • Remove all items lying on the stairs
  • A dusting never hurts
  • Provide a quiet hallway.

The barn

  • If all goes well, you have already cleared these for the photos. But check this again. If you have storage space, viewers want to see it, not just your stuff.

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