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Rent increase

Starting July 1, rents may be adjusted again. Your landlord should make this known to you by April 30. Below you can read what to consider.

Social housing
If your income does not exceed €43,574 in 2018, your rent may be increased by up to 5.1%. This also applies in the case of a household consisting of more than 3 persons or when a tenant has reached the state pension age. These include the annual inflation adjustment of 2.6% and 2.5% process point.

If the income is more than €43,574, a maximum rent increase of 6.6% applies and your landlord must attach a statement showing that your income was higher in the year 2018. There is a maximum rent increase of 4.1% for rooms, trailer station and caravans.

Free-sector housing
For renting in the free sector, there is no maximum rent increase percentage unless something about it is included in the lease. When the lease is entered into, the contract will state what type of rent increase will be implemented each year. The landlord merely informs you that a rent adjustment is taking place. The annual rent increase is already fixed by then. Should an indexation clause based on CBS’s consumer price index be included, you can make your own calculation and thus verify that the rent adjustment was legitimately made. If not, the landlord should offer a new lease that includes the new rent.

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