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Helpful tips for the Open Houses Day!

This Saturday is Open House Day again. During this day, you can tour participating homes between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. without an appointment. The viewings are usually done by the owner himself. So ideal to ask about the neighborhood and neighbors.

On funda, you can see which homes are participating in the open house day.

If you’re serious about looking for a home, it’s good to know the maximum mortgage you can get.

Adjust your search accordingly. Don’t go looking at a home that has a higher asking price than you can borrow. This will only frustrate.

  • A few more tips:
  • Plot a smart route. That way you can see plenty of homes and you won’t spend too much time driving around town.
  • Looking at 5 homes is really the maximum. Otherwise, you won’t see the forest through the houses.
  • Have you seen a property and think, this is not for me. Then forget these. That’s how you keep an overview.
  • Make notes of things you notice.
  • Always consider at every viewing what you think is important about a property and then let on this.

If your first impression is good, take a few photos on make a video. Often you can also leave your information so that the selling broker can contact you.

Of course, you can also call us during your viewing. We are ready for your questions.
Should you have found your dream home? Then call us at 020-8455878. For a special open house rate, we’ll help you close the deal.

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