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Final home inspection: what is it and what should you pay attention to?


A final inspection of the home is where you check to make sure everything is still good before you actually buy the house. You do this just before transferring. Usually the seller and broker are present. If you have your own buying agent, he/she will conduct the inspection with you. You should expect the property to be clean and empty. Also check for things that have not broken after the sale.

Points of interest in the final inspection

Pay close attention to whether all the items that belong to the house are still there. In doing so, grab the list of items often attached to the purchase agreement.
You should also pay attention to the agreements in the bill of sale. Check that everything you agreed on is there. Does the light work? Do the faucets work? This is the time to find things that are not right.

If you find something, you can still say so before signing the deed of delivery at the notary’s office.

Checking meter readings

On the date of delivery, it is important to write down the meter readings (even with smart meters). With these meter readings, the seller can sign off and you can sign a new energy contract (or take your old contract with you).

Operation of devices and facilities

During the final inspection of the home, it is important to check the operation of all appliances and amenities. Check that heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical appliances and plumbing are working properly.

Also note any leaks, blockages or strange noises. Don’t forget to check the presence and operation of smoke detectors, alarm systems and any other safety devices.

It is essential to check these items to avoid unpleasant surprises after the home is delivered.

Other points to watch out for

During the final inspection of the home, it is important to also look for possible defects on the outside of the house, such as cracks in walls, damage to the roof, or problems with the facade.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an inspection of the home before delivery?

A pre-delivery home inspection is a check you do before you buy a home. This way you can see if there are any defects in the property.

  1. Why should I use a checklist during the home inspection?

Use a checklist to not skip anything when researching the house. This is how you make sure you look at everything.

  1. Is the final inspection the same as a building inspection?

No, a structural inspection is an examination that you have a structural engineer perform usually before you buy the property.

  1. What should I do if I find defects in the property?

If you find defects in the house, talk to the seller to see how you can fix it before you actually buy the house. Should you not be able to agree among yourselves, you can ask the notary for advice.

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