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The broker mediates for buyer and seller, right?

It is a common misunderstanding. A broker mediates for the seller and buyer, right?

This is partly true. Although a real estate agent tries to bring seller and buyer together. But it is incorrect that the broker works for buyer and seller.

Of course, the real estate agent should give you all the information about the property to be sold, but if the real estate agent in engaged by the seller, he tries to provide the best deal for the seller. So not for you!

Almost all homes are sold by a sales broker. When you sell your home, you naturally want to get the best deal. The sales broker does his best to make this happen.

It is good to realize that as a buyer, you have a duty to investigate. You cannot and should not take everything blindly from the sales agent. The duty to investigate gives you a lot of information about such things as the foundation, maintenance costs and legal aspects. With this information, you can decide whether to submit a proposal and how much.

It may be wise to hire a buying agent who speaks the “language” of the selling agent. This puts you one step ahead of other applicants. A sales broker also likes it when a buying agent is involved in the purchase. That way both parties know the sale will go smoothly.

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