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Want to buy a house in Amsterdam West? Or are you looking for a Realtor Amsterdam Nieuw West to sell your home? We are also the right party for a real estate agent who can supervise rentals in Amsterdam West. In fact, our work as Realtor New West goes further than many other real estate agents, and what’s more, we do it for a flat fee. Either way, the valuation of your property is free and completely without obligation. So contact us immediately to schedule it. Of course, you can also ask me all your questions during this interview. Below I introduce myself to you in advance.

Meet the Realtor in Amsterdam New West

My name is Micha van den Bergh and I am a Realtor in Amsterdam. I became a real estate agent because I get a lot of satisfaction from working with people. I specialized as a real estate agent in Amsterdam. My work area is thus limited; this gives me the advantage of knowing the city like no other. I have lived in this city for 20 years and know every neighborhood and district. As a buying agent Amsterdam West, I listen to your housing needs and can point you to exactly the right neighborhoods and sometimes even streets. As a sales broker and rental agent in Amsterdam Nieuw West, I know better than anyone what your real estate is actually worth.

Benefits of my approach

Later in this text I will explain to you further the method and costs, but in this paragraph I briefly mention the benefits. First, I will visit you for free and without obligation. As a sales broker in Amsterdam Nieuw West, I can do a free valuation right away. By the way, the value does not matter for the brokerage fees, because I am one of the few brokers working for a fixed and transparent rate. Would you like to hire me as your sales broker for the sale of your home in Amsterdam Nieuw West? Then we will create an effective sales presentation. We do much more than just put your property on Funda. The same 100% I give as a buying agent Amsterdam West for finding your home. Read on to discover more about this beautiful district and our work.

Realtor in Amsterdam New West

New West is the part in western Amsterdam that was built after World War II. Since 1990, this area included the urban districts of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, Slotervaart and Osdorp and a piece of Bos and Lommer, the part west of the A10 Ring Road (the “Kolenkitbuurt“). The foundation for this was laid in the 1935 General Expansion Plan. The neighborhoods are built according to the open building style, with lots of greenery between the buildings. The Western Garden Cities were built in the 1950s and 1960s. In the middle of the area is Sloterplas, which was dug for sand extraction for the purpose of raising the surrounding garden cities. The Nieuwe Meer was also excavated to a depth of about 30 meters for this sand extraction. Sloterplas and the surrounding Sloterpark form the heart of the Western Garden Cities. The Western Garden Cities include: Slotermeer, Geuzenveld, Slotervaart, Overtoomse Veld and Osdorp. The 1990s saw several more new expansions in New West: the neighborhoods of Oostoever, Nieuw Sloten and De Aker. Even if you are looking for real estate agent Nieuw Sloten Amsterdam, or a real estate agent for any of these other neighborhoods, I am happy to assist your search.

Developments in Amsterdam New West

Amsterdam is a dynamic city, this is especially true of the newer neighborhoods. As a real estate agent, I am well aware of this. After all, developments in neighborhoods mean that living comfort can increase or decrease. With that, the price of real estate can naturally rise or fall as well. Major work has been underway since 2001 as part of “Urban Renewal. A plan was created for this purpose: “Direction Park City 2015. Many thousands of homes are being demolished and replaced by new construction, while also losing some of the original design. In March 2007, Bos en Lommer and New West were designated a problem neighborhood (See: Vogelaar’s 40 neighborhoods), so they will receive extra attention and money. Ultimately, the following neighborhoods were designated by the City of Amsterdam: Slotermeer North-East, Slotermeer South-West, Geuzenveld, Osdorp Midden, Kolenkit, Slotervaart. Meanwhile, the real estate market has changed dramatically in recent years. With rising prices, we are seeing more families statewide seeking housing outside the Amsterdam ring road. There they still find the space.

Real estate agent Amsterdam New West

Buying or selling a home is an exciting event and probably one you won’t do often. Thoughts about the price and duration of selling your home will come to mind. When buying a new home, other thoughts come to mind, such as the amount of the offer and terms as well as the condition of the home. Realtor in Amsterdam will take as much worry out of buying or selling as possible. We also work evenings and weekends and work transparently to actively sell the home through a sales-powerful presentation and viewings, all with love and passion for the trade.

Costs real estate agent Amsterdam New West

The fees charged by a real estate agent, also known as brokerage fees, can vary greatly from one another. Research the costs carefully before you encounter unpleasant surprises. One broker charges a high brokerage fee with no start-up fee and another broker charges a low brokerage fee but with a start-up fee. There are also real estate agents who screen with a low brokerage fee but later surface hidden costs such as a placement on Funda, a photo report or termination fees when you want to end the agreement with your real estate agent. Only Realtor in Amsterdam uses a fixed competitive brokerage fee when selling your home. No more doing complicated things like 1.5% of sales price excluding VAT…………No, one fixed fair amount. No additional or hidden costs and always inclusive of VAT. Clear and transparent. Want to know more about selling? Then read what we can do for you as a sales broker in Amsterdam.

Free valuation Amsterdam Nieuw-West

What is my house in Amsterdam New West worth? Are you considering selling your home or looking to purchase another property? Want to remodel but don’t know if it’s financially feasible. In other words, do you want to know the value of your home? Realtor in Amsterdam is the real estate agent in Amsterdam New West who will be happy to take care of this for you. For free and without obligation, we will visit you and give you a well-founded valuation and a clear picture of what the next steps might be. Receive a free, no-obligation appraisal of your home in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Valuation Amsterdam New West

Real estate agent Amsterdam New West

Selling a home is an exciting event. Realtor in Amsterdam is the real estate agent in Amsterdam New West that will take as many worries out of your hands as possible. As a full-service real estate agent we guide this entire process from A to Z. We are characterized by fixed competitive rates, also available in the evenings and on weekends and we work transparent and decisive to actively sell the property by means of a sales-powerful presentation.
Don’t expect from us: – A sign ……….., a Funda listing………. and wait and see! No! Because we believe that this is not enough to get the best results. We would like to explain to you our unique way of combining different marketing methods to achieve maximum results in bringing your property to your attention. Want to know how we do it? Ask us free, no-obligation consultation where we explain our step-by-step plan to you.

Purchase agent Amsterdam New West

Buying a home involves a lot of emotion, which is why it may be wise to hire an expert buying agent. It’s quite a process, buying a new home. In this process, Realtor in Amsterdam wants to guide and relieve you well. If you have found your dream home after an initial viewing then you should realize that the selling agent does not work for you. On the contrary, the selling broker primarily serves the interests of the seller. Realtor in Amsterdam will work precisely for your interests. Among many other things, we negotiate firmly for you. We realize, partly through our method, the most favorable purchase price for you. Our brokerage fee consists of a fixed and fair rate. Want to know more about this? Then request a free, no-obligation consultation where we explain our step-by-step plan to you, or for more information, visit Purchase broker Amsterdam.

Rental agency Amsterdam Nieuw West

Renting and leasing is an essential part of the housing market in Amsterdam New West. I can help in both cases; both when you are looking for a home and when you want to rent out your home. My work as a real estate agent for rent in New West roughly corresponds to my work as a buying agent. As a rental agent, you can choose where you want support from me. I can guide you through the entire process of renting out a property in Amsterdam Nieuw West, or just a part of it that you would like support with. Please get in touch so we can discuss options.

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"Vriendelijke en professionele no-nonsense verkoopmakelaar, met een uitstekende prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding."

- Dhr. Marijen (Marcanrilaan 321)

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"Makelaar in Amsterdam is een zeer fijne makelaar om in de hand te nemen als makelaar. Onderscheidend in een persoonlijke aanpak en goed bereikbaar voor vragen en/of informatievoorziening. Wat wij fijn vinden aan deze Makelaar in Amsterdam, met name door eigen negatieve ervaring als kopers op de markt, is dat deze makelaar ook echt tijd neemt voor de kopende partij zoals het plannen van een tweede bezichtiging een ander tijdslot etc. Bedankt Micha & team!"

- Masoud (Nibbizwoudstraat 6)

Heel tevreden

"Heel tevreden over MiA, goede service en efficiënte en laagdrempelige communicatie en dat alles voor een heel schappelijke prijs."

- Rianne (Lange Distelstraat 12)

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