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9 handy tips to save energy right away!

How can I save energy? Saving energy can be done in many ways. Of course, what works best for you depends on your situation. Do you use a lot of electricity because you got rid of gas? Or do you actually use a lot of gas for cooking or heating your home and tap water? Saving energy can be done with conserving gas, saving electricity or using less hot water. There are also other ways to insulate your home to save on heating costs.

Tips for Water Conservation
Saving water also means saving energy. After all, you heat your water through the central heating boiler, heat pump or electric water heater. So using less hot water leads to less energy consumption! Here are three top tips to achieve this:

Tip #1: Choose Water-Saving Options A water-saving shower head or a flow limiter on your faucet can cut water use in half. This not only saves water, but also energy!

Tip 2: Reuse Water Smart For example, use dishwater from vegetables or cooking water from pasta to water plants. Or collect rainwater in a rain barrel for later use.

Tip #3: Limit Shower Time Try to shower for less time. Reducing shower time from 9 to 5 minutes can save up to 15,000 gallons of water annually!

Tips to Save Power
Saving electricity can be done by investing in energy-efficient appliances and by being conscious of how you use electricity. Here are three practical tips:

Tip 1: Pay attention to Energy Labels When buying a new appliance, look at the energy label, ranging from A (very economical) to G (least economical). Replacing appliances older than 10 years can result in significant savings.

Tip 2: Economical Use of Appliances Turn off appliances when not in use and use eco mode whenever possible.

Tip 3: Reduce Sneak Consumption Use a power strip with a switch to reduce sneak consumption of electronics, especially if you are away for long periods of time.

Saving Gas: Three Effective Ways
Since gas makes up a large part of your energy bill, here are three tips for saving:

Tip 1: Limit Redundant Heating Keep the indoor temperature between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius. Turning down a degree can save up to $150 annually. Use smart thermostats to heat only where needed.

Tip #2: Ventilate Your Home Fresh air heats faster than humid air. Short ventilation for heating can save energy.

Tip 3: Insulate Radiators and CV Pipes Reduce heat loss by insulating your radiators and CV pipes. This provides more efficient heating and gas savings.

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